Ncity (Network City) is an exclusive business and social network for professionals. At Ncity we facilitate connections with professionals across all industries, and we encourage idea sharing and discussions in a relaxed atmosphere.

Business Network: At Ncity, you can meet other professionals of like minds with whom you can exchange ideas, improve yourself, and your community.

Social Network: At Ncity, you are able to participate in fun activities and interact socially at our events and on the MyNcity online platform.

Our Exclusive model ensures that only professionals of the highest calibre are part of the network. An Ncity professional is any individual who:

  • Dresses appropriately and is articulate.
  • Is committed to continuous improvement of self, others and the environment; and
  • Possesses a business like attitude and is professionally engaged,

To that effect, you need an invitation code to become a member of the network. If you would like to join Ncity and require an invitation code, please click here: Apply For Code. If you already have an invitation code, you can register by clicking on the Register button below.

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